Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Review of 2007 Conferences

Modern Domainer Magazine is the premier print magazine covering the domain name industry. We are at the forefront of domain name business and technology news and it is imperative that we are present at all relevant conferences nationwide. As the Director of Advertising Sales and Marketing for our publication, it has been a pleasure to represent the magazine (or will represent) at the following conferences in 2007-

Targeted TRAFFIC, New York, June 19-22
Domain Roundtable, Seattle, August 13-15
Targeted TRAFFIC, Miami, October 9-13
ISPCON, San Jose, October 16-18
ICANN Meeting, Los Angeles, October 29- November 2
Ad:Tech, New York, November 5-8
GeoDomain Expo, San Francisco, November 15-17
PubCon, Las Vegas, December 4-7

Our plate is full for domain-relevant conferences in 2008 as well, including DomainFest in Los Angeles, Targeted TRAFFIC in Las Vegas and Orlando, and Domain Roundtable in San Francisco.

To get in touch with me regarding our magazine's advertising, circulation, content, or staff, please contact me at 512-769-3586 or seth@moderndomainer.com. Visit us on the web at www.moderndomainer.com.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

What I do.......

I am the Director of Advertising Sales and Marketing for Modern Domainer Magazine. Modern Domainer speaks for the thousands of business professionals who have found ways to monetize domain names. Our magazine publishes six times a year and offers fresh perspectives, in-depth analyses and emerging trends. Whether you are breaking-in, keeping-up or getting ahead, Modern Domainer works for you.

Modern Domainer, a bimonthly industry magazine published in full color and distributed nationally, started in concept and planning in 2006 when a group of domaining entrepreneurs realized there was no definitive source for industry news and analysis. That changed when they brought together a core staff with the media, business, domaining, technical and publishing know how to create this powerful and unique magazine. Our goal? Its simple – to be the voice of the modern domainer.

Modern Domainer features some of the most progressive minds in the domaining industry. Our writers are professionals in the industry and you can be assured that your advertising message will be surrounded with content relevant to your intended sales prospects.

Modern Domainer brings increased awareness and recognition of what your company offers. This exposure will increase your business and identify you as a leader in the domaining industry.

Visit us on the web at www.moderndomainer.com or contact me at seth@moderndomainer.com for any advertising inquiries.